Today the trend has rapidly moved to 3D and can be widely seen in film industry, gaming industry, photography etc. At first, two dimensional animations were invented which were popularly known as 2D. They can be done with the help of paper. This kind of animation is known as “cell and hand drawn animations”. After 2D, the 3D was invented. Once 3D was introduced, it required more use of computers and 3D software. There are many 3d modelling software and architectural design software in the market today. But you need to pick up the best 3d modeling software from it. The 3d modelling software helps the user in creating 3D animations. It consists of sequence of images that are made to move from one place to another. These are known as “frames”. The 3d animation is an art which can be learnt easily. It can be done with the help of a computer and architectural design software. The software helps the designer in storing all the images and modifying it whenever required. They can even be shared in online or across a network.

best 3d modeling software

It is necessary to learn the tools before you use them. Each package differs from the other. Some of the best 3d modeling software in the market is: Maya, Blender, Modo, 3D etc which are quite expensive. There are many services that can help you out to make your 3D projects. They also offer you with some pre-models which can be purchased or can be even customized. Some of the top quality 3D services are as follows:

  • TurboSquid: One of the best 3D services and works on the excellent projects. The company is very professional and doesn’t compromises with the quality. They are damn expensive and charge more for the services they provide. They had worked with top giants like: Pixar, Boeing, Raytheon, CBS etc.
  • Falling Pixel: This company is little closer to turbosquid and occupies the second position in the market. Even they are very professional and provide best services to their clients. The artists they have got are unique and completely professional. You can sell your 3D works in case you are an artist. This company has the ideal commission rates when compared to other companies because it gives the artist about 58% of the money.
  • 3d02: This is also one of the top companies providing the 3D services. They allow the user to browse across different models which are categorized based on the formats. You can select the best among those models which suits your work. It gives you chance to purchase the models separately or in a group or you can even create your model. The best advantage is that they have reasonable prices.
  • The 3D Studio: This Company has got enormous textures and models which works with Cinema 4D, Lightwave, 3ds max and Maya. Their work is very simple when compared to other services. They have many categories like: Vehicles, Sports, Space, Plants, Industry, Anatomy, Architecture etc. You can choose the one that suits you.

Now you must have got an idea about the 3D software and perhaps you will be able to choose the best one.


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