Visualization is the process of imagining a picture of something in the mind. Home designing is also a kind of visualization as the designer imagines his idea and then designs it using the visualization software. This also helps to view the future in a clear cut way. Concentrating consistently on the imagination, helps in achieving the goal very soon. Music is a universal language and definitely there is a connection between visualization and music. Music is the seeds to success. This is a kind of mental preparedness to achieve the target. Even games like football, basketball or any other high pressure games, the players are supposed to mentally prepare themselves. So, music helps them in improving their concentration level. Not only has the case of players, constructor or any other professionals use audio visualized methods to achieve massive success.

For home designers, this gives them maximum benefits as they get some new innovative ideas for designing homes. The picture of new designs for home is constantly framed in their minds and this is the reason why the home designers achieve success very soon. Even an ordinary man can try this method and achieve success in their life. A Swiss philosopher defines music in four modes. Magical, Mental, Mythical and Integral are the four modes. Magical mode is associated with rhythm of the music of the spiritualist of cultures of North Europe and Africa, South America, and the Gamelan Orchestra of Indonesian village. Whereas, mythical music mode is associated with the Indian ragas, Persian Music and the Vedic chants of antique India.

Mental mode has begun in the 15th century and is associated with 3 dimensional (3D) vision of the world. With this came the polyphony form of music, this required complicated techniques in construction. Asian Countries like India, China and Japan sustained with their mythical ways of music visualization to enhance the imagination power. The sounds have different pitches at micro intervals. These unturned instruments created a sacred quality within your body, which is based on the super natural feeling. Music visualization methods help in mastering your mind and hence you can improve your concentration level. Magical and mythical mode helps in developing creativity in scientists and artists. The mental mode of the music is a component, which is used to see this objective world.

Music visualizes help in reducing the pressure of cognitive reality. The Perception of viewing things is reduced and this results in loss of feelings. You might get deeper and deeper into state, where your mind is emptied with personal memories. Today, listening to the music is the best way to visualize. You can make use of audio visualize CDs with which you can improve your level of concentration. These CDs will help you to create a picture of the thing, which you want. Try this method for every day regularly for a month. For the next month, try to think of things that are bigger than the previous one. Feel the emotion and use your sense organs to visualize things. Within few days you will see the awesome results, which you once dreamt off.

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