Data visualization refers to visualizing data. There are many forms of visualizing data. The data analysis tools help the user in data visualization.  They are widely used in big industries and companies by managers, CEOs, executives etc to analyze their business and its status. It acts as a helping hand to create presentations or show growth to their clients. There is software available in the market today. The most popularly used software is DV that allows the people in understanding complex data in a simple way. It uses techniques like flash, presentations, graphics etc to represent its data.

The following are some reasons in order to adopt visualization concept for your data:

  • Bar Charts: It can be created with the help of data analysis tools and it is the best way to convey the information to others. They produce your data in front of others in an efficient way so that people can understand them easily. Bar charts, pie charts, bar graphs are the most commonly used methods to display the information. They can be used in schools, businesses, case studies, projects etc.
  • Interactive Map: This displays the information in various levels. You can get detailed information on a particular part by just clicking at a specific point on the map. This is known as “drilling down”. They are used in business, community programs and government. The government people and other communities create a map of country, cities and states. They can learn about their specific place by clicking on it.
  • Reporting Tool: With this school and college presentations can be made. The information which the user wants to display is presented in an interactive way. It can be easily understood by a person by just having a look at it.
  • Transform HTML to PDF: Previously, while taking printout, the HTML could not format itself. It sometimes cut the margins while printing. But with the help of this concept printing and conversion to other formats have become much easier. It has the ability to create some PDF images out of HTML.
  • Data Mapping: Using this, the information regarding the research, geographical data etc can be easily conveyed. It maps the data in a simple way and makes it clear so that a user can easily understand them.
  • Business Mapping: It includes some diagrams associated with the business. For instance, department map can be created for shipping purposes. Whatever is happening in the warehouse, can be easily visualized with the help of a computer display.
  • Executive Dashboard: This helps in managing your data properly. It requires the use of executive dashboard through which the executives customizes and manages all the data. It also helps in producing reports.
  • Flash Graphs: This helps in displaying the exact information which the user needs. This can be achieved by just clicking the mouse or by moving the cursor over a specific region. Once the mouse looks the target, the information and other associated options are displayed instantly. In this way the information is displayed in a tidy way.

Hence the visualization of data and usage of such tools are necessary.


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