Visualization is defined as the concept of representing the data effectively. The information is abstracted and represented in graphic form which can include variables, attributes etc. There are several visualization techniques and visualization exercises through which the data can be presented properly. As there is a growth in technology, many visualisation techniques have been introduced. People always use the traditional bar or pie chart. They are either not aware of new trends or they don’t understand the new kind of concepts. The new visualization techniques use the pyramid charts and funnel charts in order to present the data. They are simple to learn unless one puts some time and effort on it.

visualisation techniques

The funnel chart is one of the best visualisation techniques which are used to illustrate quantities that are connected to a process. Apart from this, it can also be used in the process of recruitment, sales etc. It is an excellent tool to highlight the problem occurring in the process. The pyramid charts are also one of the best visualization exercises in order to present your data. They are easy to understand and illustrate the quantities in the form of segments in a pyramid. These kinds of forms to present the data, helps the user in conquering the problems easily. They are also easy to implement and understand. Reports can also be generated.

The following are some key points which you will have to keep in mind in order to select a particular tool for visualizing the data.

  • Requirements: Before you select the reporting tools, you need to make sure what the user needs or how will they want their information to be. Check if the user wants the reports to be posted in web or mailed or printed. Also check if they want their data to be explored or do they need any static image in the report.  All these things need to be noted down properly so that you can choose a tool based on the user requirements.
  • Price: A completely developed Business Intelligence is expensive and small business finds it difficult to buy them. Make sure you buy the software based on your budget.
  • Features: Make sure that your tool provides you with different and advanced features. It is necessary to imagine out of the square. You need to have some creativity to define the data with the help of your tool. You must change the way of people who are used in seeing the information.
  • Data Sources: There is no use in selecting the tool that can’t connect to the data source. You must be aware of the solutions that claim to connect the data but at last it doesn’t and makes a charge for doing so.

Visualizing the data involves the essential information to be pulled out from the raw data. Data management is very essential in today’s life. They help in managing your data and are widely been used in sectors like: scientific discovery, population rates, fraud detection, surveys and market research.


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