As the business is increasing at a faster pace, lots of data are also stored and retrieved. To improve the performance of the business, it is also important to retrieve the stored data soon whenever the user requests for it. One can use data analysis software to increase their effectiveness and to maintain a good market position. Many of us wonder “what is analytics”. The answer is quite simple. It is a process of intensive research work on particular field. Totally, there are 2 kinds of data that is encountered at the all over the world. First is the qualitative data and the other being the quantitative data. Qualitative data refers to how the data looks. Some of the examples are texture, color, opinion, appearance, etc. Quantitative data can be measured in some terms. Examples of quantitative data are weight, height, cost, age, temperature, etc.

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Thus, the process of collecting important data for some purpose is the answer for the question “what is analytics”. With the lots of industries, which have been benefited with the data analysis software. Industries of Telecommunication, utilities, finance, retail and health are the 5 top industries, which are successful in taking out the maximum benefit from this software. With the huge amount of data present in the internet, you can be able to do visual analytics and achieve anything you want. After analyzing the data, you can make slight changes in your business so as to run it smoothly. Branded clothing and sports accessories company like “Nike”, analysis some terabytes of data and based on the result they modify their business.

For Example, if it is a football season, then they focus mainly on manufacturing football shoes. Thus, they will get much profit from their business. Apart from large enterprises, even small scale business can get benefitted by doing visual analysis. The only secret of success for any supermarket is the perfect visual analytics. To make the work of analysis easier, you can make use of the data visualization software and data analysis tools. This helps in visualizing the huge data in a clear cut way. It is also used by marketing managers, company executives or CEOs to better understand their market position and make changes accordingly so as to improve their status. Today there is much number of visualization software available in the market. But the best software, which is commonly used by the most people, is the DV software.

This helps them to understand the complex data in a simple and easy way. If you are working in a company as an executive, then you can use this software for analyzing data. And this data can be helpful, while creating the presentation. The software presents the data in such a way that it makes the audience to understand exactly what you are coming to say. You can also incorporate graphics, flash, sounds, bar charts, pie charts and graphs in your presentation to make it visually appealing. Apart from these tools, there are also other tools, which make your information more effective to the people, who are listening to your presentation.

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